EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Single-family house proposal


Year and location

2006. Litoral, Bata. Equatorial Guinea.

ATSF Commission

Ivan Muñoz Cavero, Jonathan Ramos Lopez


Escuelas de Promotores Rurales de Bata


The SOS Vitec project is a single-family house proposal to respond to the problem of sewage leaks into the land. In addition, it offers the possibility of taking advantage of rainwater with roof collectors composed of flexible tanks and water purification systems. Finally, the project includes a plan to use solar energy in the power supply of homes.


Development of a housing proposal that could be repeated with the available means and the help of native labourers and carpenters. Prevention of sewage leaks to the ground by installing Dry Ecological Toilets (SES). Use of rainwater from a cover with flexible tanks. Water purification using the SODIS method. Use of solar energy in the power supply of homes.


Population of the city of Bata, Litoral.


Equatorial Guinea has two distinct seasons: dry season and rainy season. Despite the abundance of water, major cities do not have drinking water due to seepage in aquifers. On the other hand, only the big cities such as Bata and Malabo have hydroelectric plants, and although it is a warm country with many hours of solar incidence, there are no facilities for the use of this energy.