COLOMBIA – School in the community of La Lucha

Year and location

2009. Rioacha, Colombia

ATSF Commission

Juan Carlos Merino Villanueva, Sara Revuelta Gavito


Fundación Esperanza de Salvación

Other collaborating entities: Asociación Alianza Solidaria (Barcelona), Funeducar (Colombia), DobleLinea Arquitectos (Colombia)


The Barrio La Lucha of the city of Riohacha is classified as to be in extreme poverty, so services are minimal and the rate of malnutrition and illiteracy is high. Our role is to technically support the previous phases of the construction.


Obtain the necessary resources to carry out the construction of the new school.


100 people approximately


The city of Riohacha is located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The project is located in the Barrio La Lucha of the Comuna Dividi of this city. Around 1000 families live in poverty and the only state school in the neighbourhood is stretched a little thin.