COLOMBIA – Water collection and ecological kitchens in Guarataco

Feasibility study (Phase 0) and implementation of rainwater systems and ecological cookers (Phase 1)

Year and location

2007-2009. Colombia

ATSF Commission

Nuria de Noguera Mundo, Elisabet Callen Artola


Asociación de Autoridades Wounaan del Pacífico (CAMAWA)


Definition of a house type of 7×10 m² with an optimization of the rainwater collection through the roof, and the fulfilment of a basic study; Organization of focus-group for the participation of all members of the community.


Phase 0: Identify the main problems affecting the community; Define solutions and rank them in order of priorities; work together with the community through participation workshops and consensus.

Phase 1: Find solutions to the problems previously identified: lack of supply of drinking water to the community of Wounaan and prevalence of respiratory diseases and loss of vision of the inhabitants due to the failure to extract smoke when cooking.


Wounaan Indigenous Community, San Juan River Littoral


The Wounaan people are an indigenous community established more than five centuries ago, located on the banks of the San Juan River between the departments of Chocó and Valle del Cauca in Colombia. It is a population of around 9066 people. Its means of transport due to its location is based on canoe or walking; its economy is based on the construction of housing, the preparation of banana “colinos”, hunting, wood carving and commercial transactions, which is why ease of transport and movement between trade agreements is of vital importance.