ECUADOR – Centre for Humanitarian Cooperation SAYA TAWA

Year and location

2010. Santa Ana, Ecuador

ATSF Commission

Jose Antonio Martin, Sara Revuelta Gavito


Puerto Santa Ana Community, YAWAJEE, YAKU RUNA


The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of life of the indigenous communities of Santa Ana and its surroundings at the social, cultural and economic levels, through the construction of a cooperation centre to motivate the management and implementation of humanitarian projects. The reason for the implementation of this project is to create a reference centre to support the long-term achievement of other projects.


Community Puerto Santa Ana, Ecuador


The Indigenous Community of Puerto Santa Ana is located in the municipality of Mera, province of Pastaza. The site, located on the eastern borders of Ecuador, is located at an approximate height of 890 meters above the sea. To reach the village, it is necessary to first travel from Quito to Puyo (239 km). The bus journey lasts approximately 6 hours, as long as there are no unforeseen weather events that cause landslides and road cuts. From Puyo, you must take a carport in the southern part of the city to reach Mother Earth. This trip will last about an hour going into the Amazon rainforest.
There, a suspension bridge will be crossed and again covered in a carport another hour until the Tarabita of Palora. From the banks of the Pastaza River, after about 15 minutes on foot, you will reach the Indigenous Community of Santa Ana. The foundation was born out of the conviction that only by preserving the forest could the survival of the indigenous identity be guaranteed. That is why Yawa Jee is, above all, an ecological foundation that manages environmental projects.