PERÚ – Una Gota en San Camilo

Study of basic services and equipment in the Human Settlement Villa San Camilo

Year and location

2015. A.H Villa de San Camilo, Collique, Lima, Perú

ATSF Commission

Miren Etxeberria


Asociación de Comunicadores y Educadores Viator (ACEV)


This project aims to study the possible solutions of basic services and equipment, focusing mainly on water supply. The lack of access to this resource impedes the development of those who suffer from it, since their main economic and human efforts are devoted to obtaining it.


Identification of settlement facilities and infrastructures to positively influence the development of the settlement.
Create a sustainable water supply proposal for San Camilo.
Internalize alternative supply systems.


300 people


The Villa San Camilo Human Settlement is mostly made up of migrants from other parts of the country who invaded high-risk land in order to build their homes. It is located on the slope of a hill with a high level of landslide.