INDIA – Phase 0 – Feasibility study of the Rajeev Nagar School

Year and location

2009. Rajiv Nagar, Delhi, India

ATSF Commission

Pau Menéndez, Marc Setó, Sonia González


Era Parivar / Naya Nagar


Study of available materials and the most common construction systems.


Rajeev Nagar community


Rajeev Nagar is a village located in Gurgaon. It is a bubble within a booming city. Most of the families living in Rajeev Nagar come from different villages, all in search of a job or a better life. However, despite finding jobs, the economy is informal, as the vast majority are in a state of undocumented. Wages are considerably low while housing prices are relatively high, resulting in families living in precarious conditions just a few kilometres away from the wealthiest families in India. It does not have spaces for the production of crops of any kind.