THAILAND – Drinking water for the Mo Gen community

Mo Gen housing study (2008) and feasibility of a water reservoir (2010) on Koh Lao Nok Island

Year and location

2008-2010. Tailandia

ATSF Commission

Marta Casadevall Castelló, Albert Cabeceran Camprubi


The Human Development Fundation


Koh Lao Nok Island is home to 55 families who do not have an electricity, water, grid or any kind of waste management system. Because of the 2004 Tsunami, conditions have become even more complicated.
2008: Twenty-six Mo Gen homes built after the tsunami have been studied and catalogued and a total of 84 1, 500-litre artisanal water tanks have been built, 2 housing tanks and a zinc channel have been placed to conduct rainwater into the tanks
2010: The work carried out has been based on the study of the geography of the island, location of different wells, current operation in the access of current domestic water. The studies carried out were: collection of monographic information of the island, urban study of the island, location of the different equipments and topographic study of the island. In addition, a scale plan was made of the different parts of the project


Adequacy of a shower area and laundry area, from which the grey water is channelled through PVC tubes to some tanks that will serve us for the evacuation of the toilets located below the village. Second, the construction of a 140-square-meter reservoir to provide water for the 55 families on the island to cook and drink.


Community of Mo Gen


Thailand is a kingdom located in Southeast Asia, bordered to the north and west by Myanmar. It is a fertile land, warm and bathed by the waters of two oceans (the Indian and Pacific). The island of Koh Lao Nok is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea, has an area of 1.5 km² where more than 95% of its land is covered by forest where mangroves dominate. For the past eight years, some 55 families have lived on the island in a small village, without electricity, water, sanitation or any kind of waste management. The Mo Gen society only has the right to live on the sea, as it is a difficult island to access where transport is done through Mo Gen boats and there is no solid port to embark and disembark on the island.