TIBET – Kitchen-dining room for the Serkong School

Feasibility study (Phase 0), construction follow-up (Phase 1) and implementation of “Solar Passive System” (Phase 2) in the kitchen-dining room of the Serkong School for Tibetan refugees

Year and location

2006-2009. Tabo, Valle de Spiti

ATSF Commission

Sonia González, Enric Font, Marta Miranda


Institut Of Studies In Buddhist Philosophy And Tribal Cultural Society, Tabo


Phase 0: Study and compilation of different systems of passive solar energy (by water heating, solar cooking, etc.) Provide information to the people of the village about local government agencies working on solar energy issues. Finally, implement an economical water heating system in the school canteen. Saving 30% of gas due to the increase in the initial temperature of the water.

Phase 1: Economic monitoring of the different phases of the construction, as well as internal displacements to obtain the building materials. Monitoring of the implementation of the ground floor and the roof of the dining building.

Phase 2: Study the technical and economic feasibility of the proposed project. Kitchen-dining room at Serkong School. Search for financing for the complete execution of the kitchen-dining room.


300 children attending the centre.