A way to collaborate for each moment:


If you want to join our NGO with a quota adapted to each case.


If you want to spend a few hours on a project or the organizational structure of the NGO.


If you want to make a contribution to a project in progress. Right now, we’re working towards three new classrooms in Mexico. Take a look at the crowdfunding.

What do members and volunteers get?

The opportunity to help those who need it the most, providing our technical knowledge, generating value in communities in developing countries.

The chance to gain experience in the management, development and monitoring of projects of local or international character, being part of a professional work group.

The possibility of knowing the world, leading or supporting projects abroad: housing, hospitals, schools, sewerage, potable water, etc.

A certificate proving participation in the NGO and in the different projects in which they collaborate.

Presence in LinkedIn network, which can show the baggage and the experience within a wide network of professionals.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, make a proposal, offer your collaboration in projects, or if you just want to know us better, contact us.

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