MEXICO – Reconstruction of damaged classrooms in Chiapas

Year and location

2022. Chiapas, México.

ATSF Commission

Erick Ordoñez, Jessica Limón, Alejandra Valencia, Adriana Calderón


Un Hogar Para Chiapas, Fundación Toledo, Progreso a través del Derecho


The association a Home for Chiapas together with Technical Architecture and the Toledo Foundation collaborated to create a restoration proposal: Fenix Project. It is based on the use of materials obtained in the area and construction techniques of low environmental impact, which will transform the space into a safe, practical place where dreams can continue to be built.


Community of Guadalupe Victoria Elementary School


Guadalupe Victoria Elementary School, located in the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood in Villacorzo Chiapas, was hit hard by an earthquake on September 7, 2017.

The walls suffered severe structural failures, which forced the complete eviction of the building. With the help of parents and teachers, small temporary classrooms were built for the continuity of classes.