Our history

ATSF was born in 2004 within the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, specifically at the Escola Politècnica Superior d’Edificació de Barcelona.  From its beginnings it has been based on the collaboration of university students of technical architecture, but little by little it has been including graduate technicians.

The work that the group does focuses on two large blocks:

  1. The organization itself, the internal structure of the organization, making weekly meetings and contributing as many ideas as possible on the part of its collaborators, both the structural organization, ideas of funding, attracting more collaborators, etc.
  2. Cooperation, which we want to be the protagonist, talking with other organizations, institutions, companies, professionals, schools, universities, etc. to be able to obtain as much support as possible, to obtain projects and subsidies or even the material or human help of people or companies interested in our activity.

In a transversal way, and due to the close relationship we have with the university, we seek synergies with teaching and on several occasions cooperation projects have been developed within the framework of degree thesis.

We are in a period of growth and expansion of the NGO and for this reason we would like to invite anyone who is willing to collaborate or participate in any way with us to contact us. Any contribution will be very valuable.