Our values

From our point of view, we understand by cooperation, the return of part of what the developed countries have plundered and keep plundering the developing countries.

At ATSF we believe that at the same time we plan and subsequently carry out a cooperation project, we must work together with the counterpart (association, collective, community… of the country where the project is to be carried out), so that, from their knowledge and ours as technicians we can achieve the same goal.

In 1972, a United Nations resolution advised industrialized countries to allocate 0.7% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to the development of economically impoverished countries.

  • We do not create technological, economic or external dependency that in a future compromises the viability of the project or people.
  • We carry out horizontal cooperation between peers, with counterparts and beneficiaries, in which we contribute as much as we receive.
  • We focus our work towards the search for tangible results that produce real changes in society with participatory and democratic methodologies.
  • We understand that our work must be aimed at increasing the authority and power of the individual over the resources and decisions that affect his life, making him the protagonist of his own development.
  • We believe that the respect for Human Rights is the basis of the dignity of the people and the framework of our work.
  • We promote ethical values in public life with the example of our activity from a professional perspective.
  • We work in network and coordinate efforts with related organizations to multiply results and enrich each other.
  • We trust in the free and voluntary dedication of personal effort as a means of social transformation and personal fulfilment.