About us

Arquitectos Técnicos Sin Fronteras (Technical architects without borders) is an aid and development cooperation NGO that focuses its work on providing technical knowledge in the field of building, for the design of housing solutions and basic infrastructures in our society (hospitals, schools, sewage systems, potable water networks, etc.).

In ATSF we have the vocation to achieve a better world, where all people have a dignified life and human rights are defended at national and international level. It maintains a religious, political and economic independence to serve a more fair society and the necessary social transformation.

The NGO consists of a group of technical architects, surveyors, building engineers and students. The headquarters is located in Barcelona, but we have a national vocation and we work in cooperation projects at local, national and international level with great enthusiasm, strength and willingness.

In all projects, ATSF intends to design and subsequently develop the proposed objectives. We believe we must work together with the counterpart (association, collective, community… of the country where the project is to be carried out), so that, from their knowledge and ours as technicians we can achieve the same goal.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, make a proposal, offer your collaboration in projects, or if you just want to know us better, contact us.

Arquitectos Técnicos Sin Fronteras EPSEB-UPC
Doctor Marañón 44-50, 1st floor at the end of the hall
08028 Barcelona
E-mail: hola@atsfes.org